Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Understanding antibiotics

I like this long radio interview on community MRSA infections and strengthening the immune system!
The interviewer asks open and honest questions about microbial matters that we normal folk don't understand but need to know. The chemist and microbiologist tell us about: what happens after we take antibiotics (at about 12 mins in); antibiotic resistance (18 mins in); and how the immune system becomes weakened (29 mins in).
They also quote a research study that found that drinking one can of regular cola depresses the immune system by 92 per cent for five hours, due to the processed sugars. And don't try switching to diet cola! The body still recognises the sweeteners in a different way and the immune system is depressed in the long term.
Mmmmm, processed foods! Microbes love 'em!

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