Thursday, 19 May 2011

Pretty simple, huh?
The Telegraph today may be showing pretty pictures of bacteria but they display OLD-STYLE  microbiology when we know at a molecular level now that these matters are far more complex than pinpointing the great big "bruisers" of microbes like E coli and helicobacter pylori.

This study "provokes reexamination of the traditional view of killing strategies against bacteria" and contains some far more challenging actual shots of bacteria. And this paper points out the seriousness of microbiologists ignoring the need to research cell-wall-deficient bacteria.

The ridiculousness of showing the public computerised pictures of the fearsome "bogeyman" pathogens that can be easily named is particularly evidenced by recent papers on nanobacteria and others that have long shown a link between these incredibly tiny  microbes and calcifying human conditions, like artery or kidney disease.

All this research (which does not receive media coverage) indicates it is this increased depth of knowledge we need to seek if we are ever going to get to grips with chronic illness.

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